J-Dilla, a Douchebag and Organic Life

As promised here is Part 2 to the Beauchamp Social Club photoshoot or part 3 depending on how you are counting. This was a very hard shoot.  We were at Goodwells Organic food mart in Midtown, Detroit, Michigan.  We were working really hard not to be in the way of all the customers that were coming in and out of the store.  The owners were good sports and we were very appreciative for them giving us the time to make this happen.




A Douchebag, a Church and ODB Part 2

This is part 2 with more from the shoot.  I would love to hear what you guys think of these two sets.  So please leave your comments below.

A Douchebag, a Church and ODB

So I went to church on Easter Sunday.  Well, I went to this church on Easter Sunday.  I have posted about this church before so I wont go into its history again but it has changed just a little bit more.  The pillars are really deteriorating and there is graffiti on the walls now.

Well Beauchamp Social Club wanted to do a photo shoot to debut his product line of t-shirts in series of, “Here we are, products of Detroit.”

Graffiti Wall

Went back into my folders and revisited this picture.  Another black and white from my trip near Eastern Market, Detroit, Michigan.


I like photographs like this.  Has a ton of emotion.  I got to experiment a little more with the lighting on this session since I got a couple more lights.  Still falls into my style but with a little more drama.  I’m debating at leaving this as the only photograph on this post.

Exploration Detroit

Beauchamp Social Club

Went downtown yesterday in Detroit to survey some potential spots for a upcoming photoshoot with Beauchamp Social Club.  We stopped at my old abandoned church that I posted about a while back and found a potential area in the basement.  We left from there and scoped out a couple other places and came across this area from a mini overpass around the Mack/I-75 area.  Hope you guys enjoys these couple of photographs.

New Year: North American International Autoshow – Detroit, Michigan

A month late with this post, but better late than never.  I’ve been super busy with work, school and family.  My photography has been regulated to friends and family over the holiday.  That is until my yearly ritual of attending the autoshow.  This year’s was much better than the past couple of years.  The show floor at Cobo Hall had companies return that had left like Nissan.  I can say that personally besides the supercars that the American car manufacturers had a better showing this year.  A friend of mine, who I attend the autoshow with every year, was highly anticipating the new Cadillac ATS.  I didn’t even know they were making a new car.  Well I’m glad to say that it was a beautiful car and it may be edging out the Audi A4 and my future car.

On the photography side, I’m really tired of taking pictures of just the cars like I have done over the years.  “Oooooh, looky I see a Ferrari”.  This year, besides the photo that you see above, I decided to go for more creative photographs with different angles and degrees.  Hopefully they came out ok lol.