Lindsey and Ono’s Wedding

This wedding was fun.

Back story: Coworker from a few years ago sends me a text message out of nowhere asking me to photograph his uncle’s wedding…. in 5 days! Talk about no time to prepare.  I was excited for this wedding and here is why….. the groom is Nigerian.

I knew there was going to be a ton of family coming in town so I was looking forward to seeing some traditional clothing.  As a photographer this was always something to get excited about.

This wedding was in Troy, Michigan at the Lutheran Church of the Masters on Coolidge Hwy.

I met the bride to be at the hotel where she was getting ready to start our session off.  Which is where the picture above was taken.  Lindsey and her crew were an entertaining bunch with tons of laughs all night.

The wedding was pretty short and the church was pretty limiting in available space.  Didn’t matter the reception is where the party got started.

We arrived at the reception which was at the Penna’s Banquet hall in Sterling Heights, Michigan where we had the opportunity to take some photographs with the winding staircases that were there.

The reception was the typical reception with the first dance, brides dance with father, grooms dance with mother, then dinner.  After dinner the bride and groom went and switched there traditional wedding attire into traditional Nigerian wardrobe.

Now its time to get paid.  So typical american wedding is people bring in envelopes and place it in a box for the bride and groom to open later.  Not in Nigeria.  Mannnnn the music kicks in and its Nigerian dance music and the hall just erupted.  The atmosphere in there was crazy.  All of a sudden people are pulling stacks of singles out and are just tossing it in the air onto the dance floor where everyone is dancing.  I asked is that normal and they told me it is something that has been done for years at weddings in Nigeria.  I had never seen that at a wedding.  I thought it was pretty cool.

As I started this post, This wedding was fun.


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