Prairie Dog

So today is Memorial Day and the family and I decided to go to the Detroit Zoo since I have the day off.  My daughter just turned 1 and this is her first time to the zoo.  It was blazing hot outside today so I knew going into this that a lot of the animals were not going to be visible because they aren’t as stupid as us humans.

I finally had a reason to use my new camera the Canon 5d MkII.  When going to the zoo this is not necessarily the best camera to go with because it is full frame and you lose the simulated reach that you would have with a crop camera like my 40D.

Just as suspected the majority of the animals were hiding.  The biggest thing I wanted to do was feed the giraffe but they were sold out when we got there.  So I was hoping that they would at least come to the feeding area so I can get a up close photograph but nooooooo, they stayed on the other side of the habitat.

I didn’t take too many quality photographs today but the next time I go it will definitely be when its about 15-20 degrees cooler so I can get some cool shots.

Though the prairie dogs gave me a couple good photos.


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