Pray For Me?

St. Agnes Church

O man this adventure blew my mind.  I got a call from a friend and fellow photographer Shane Gorski to go shoot some abandoned building around the city of Detroit, MI.  We went to 2 places that day.  One was Lee Plaza an abandoned apartment building and St. Agnes church.  I knew the church had closed but man was I suprised by what I saw when I walked in.

First thing first gotta find a place to park and get in without the police seeing us trespass.  We walk in through a hole in the wall on the side of the building.  First off why is there a hole in the side of the wall? Did someone take a rocket launcher to the building, did the tyrant from Resident Evil burst through chasing some S.T.A.R.S. members?  All joking aside, the first room we walk into is this one you see in the photograph.  All the stained glass is gone.  All the seats are gone.  The podiums are gone.  The organ is gone.  This place is a mess.  I remember as a kid coming here every Sunday with my grandmother attending service.  The place had only been empty for 2 years at that point.  All I could say was wow.

This photograph is a 7 shot HDR that I merged and then converted to B&W.  I want to print this large and put it on my wall but I’m not sure about the imagery.


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