Poker Face II

Ok so last week I went to another poker night at a friend’s house. I havent attended in a while so everyone has gotten a lot better. A few of them are now entering poker tournaments on the regular. First game went pretty quickly as people lost all their chips. I went broke second in. 2nd game started and let me tell you about the hand you see here.  Sorry about the quality, this was taken with my crappy camera phone.

I can't believe I just lost!!

I dont remember exactly what happened early on but the basis was that there were 3 of us in on the hand, Simms, Sam and I. Simms is the hand on the far right, Sam in the center and Im on the left. Simms had suited cards (found out after going all in) and started bidding pretty high. Me and Sam are both looking like wth does he have. So we are both calling pre flop. Flop comes and there is an ace there. Im sitting on a pair of aces now and im thinking hey unless he has trips now Im golden. Simms goes all in. Wth! Sam raises, now Im like wth does he have to raise. So I call. Turn card comes Sam bids then I go all in. So now Simms has suited cards, 1 same suit from flop, 1 from the turn and headed torwards flush draw. Im all in now with ace paired and 8 high. Sam has to turn his cards over and he has aces paired and 9 high. Im sick to my stomach. Only way to win is to get an 8 on the river. River comes and its another heart for Simms flush draw. Ain’t that a bitch! Sam wins my pot ans Simms wins Sams. Im done. There is always next week.


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