Ladies Love Cool Bags

Cody Estevez - Gallery1881.Com

This is a lil bit old but I thought I would share it with everyone.

This is a shoot, I did for the grand opening of the boutique of Gallery1881. is a shoe and handbag webstore that is run by a friend of mine, Ryan Ross.  This particular shoot I had model Cody Estevez with me to come up with an excellent way to showcase some of the bags.The space we had was pretty limited.  It was literally about a 8×10 space from which we had to shoot.  We took a few photographs of Cody posing around the shelves with the shoes.  And they came out pretty decent.  I didn’t know how much space I was going to have before I got there so I brought all my equipment but I only wound up using 1 light with a medium softbox.

I then had an idea that what if we had a giant pile of handbags and have the theme of, “I really love all my handbags, which one do I choose?”  So we opened all of the boxes of bags that Ryan had available for sale and spread them on the floor.  I had Cody lay down in them and I stood on top of a table to get the top down view as pictured above.  I loved the colors of the bags and how they came together.

Here is 1 more picture that I referenced above.

Cody Estevez - Gallery1881.Com


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