Poker Face

Texas Hold'em

This is one of my favorite pictures.  It may not be the most technical but it reminds me of some of the best times I’ve had hanging with friends.  A close friend of mine that I met in college, George, has poker nights every Wednesday night.  This is from one of those evenings.I haven’t been over there to play poker in a while.  Honestly probably since this photograph was taken about a year ago or so.  But the party goes on.  I try not leave the house without a camera of some sort.  So of course I had my 40D with me.  I knew going there that I wanted to do something with depth of field since there were going to be a lot of chips on the table and cards everywhere.  I took a ton of shots at different Fstops just to see what I would get when I got home.  This one stood out for me for whatever reason.  I tried it in full color, black and white, fake HDR, you name it.  At the end I decided that a semi desaturated look worked the best.  Hope you guys like it.

This reminds me I need to get back over there and crush the competition.


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