Artists: Ongoing Creations

For 4 years I have ventured into the realm of photography and have shot a lot of different things, places and people.  During this venture I have discovered a few things that I enjoy.  I noticed a trend amongst my portrait shoots that the majority of them are of music artists or entertainment of some form or another.

This particular shoot that I had was with Who?Sane Asylum, a hip hop group, out of Detroit, Michigan.  These guys have been very busy promoting their name and their style.  My home town has no shortage of individuals who are looking to make it big, become famous, be that one person that when they think of the city of Detroit that they think of them.

This is the second session that I’ve had with Who?Sane Aslum.  Both shoots are studio work for some promotional material for their touring endeavors.

This will be an ongoing post of a few of the artists that I have shot!



Big Tre

Big Tre

Cane Nova


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