New Orleans – A Tale of Street Photography


So I just came back from New Orleans a week ago and it was my first time there.  I had absolutely no idea what to expect.  I know that I wanted to do some street photography while I was there.  It would be my first real attempt at doing just that.  I know I didn’t want to bring my full set of gear as that would have been way too much to carry, hold and deal with the 95 degree heat on a daily basis.  I wanted to be light and incognito.  So the only thing I brought was my Fuji x100t.  Hands down one of the best camera’s for street photography.  Thank You Zack Arias, my street photography inspiration, for the recommendation.

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Thing 1 – Thing 2

Isabella 3yrs old-3097

Its been a long while since I made a post.  I apologize to those that enjoy my photography.  School is really kicking my ass lol!!  Well here are my two monsters.  My wife and I took a trip to the Detroit Zoo so Isabella (seen above) can see the zebra because she had been talking about it for weeks.  (Side note bonus for knowing the security at the zoo so we can get in for free)  Well the animals were a giant let down for the most part this trip, either sleep or hiding.  Best this trip went to the Chimps and Gorilla.  Pictures this trip were completely non existent, but I did snag some awesome ones of my girls.  Probably going to get these printed on canvas, really big!!

Alexandra 2yrs old-3103

Happy New Year!!


Happy new year to everyone!!

Shoutouts to Beauchamp Social Club for this photo of me last year.

Kill or be Killed

Jamal Pano-

Been a while since I’ve been outside to shoot some photographs. The semester is done and I got a free day yayy!! Don’t judge me!

Well I’m back again and on the “Kill or be Killed” photoshoot with Beauchamp Social Club. I set this shoot up as I wanted to try a new technique known as the Brenizer method. The technique allows for a combination of panorama and a shallow depth of field. The shot above, my first attempt, is an example of it. I brought out the we lens to achieve this. The 135mm f2L from canon gives me some awesome crushing of the background. It’s a prime so I had to get used to its distance.

The Brenizer method wasn’t the only pictures I took. I’ll be updating this post with more pictures as I finish them.

Beachamp Social Club Kill or be Killed-2800

Beachamp Social Club Kill or be Killed-2794

Beachamp Social Club Kill or be Killed-2856

Graveyard Shift

Yup I went there….dont judge me lol!!

So in the continuation series for Beauchamp Social Club we went and finished off the Resurrection line for the upcoming release of the tshirt line with a graveyard photoshoot.  This was the North Farmington Cemetery in Farmington Hills, MI.  We showed up about 11p and realized we didn’t have to jump fences because it is open all the time.  The power was out in the area so it was definitely a challenge just to see what was in front of us but also because the ambient light would have really helped with some depth of the headstones.  Key words here…. make due with what you have!!  Stay tuned for more pics from the shoot.  Let us know how you like the photo.

We Jump Fences: A Belle Isle Tale

So this was a super last minute photoshoot.  My work and class schedule and work load has prevented me from pretty much doing anything.  I finally got a few hours of free time so we darted to Belle Isle, Detroit, Michigan.  I’ve already done shots of the skyline, water fountain, conservatory, yadda yadda so this one had to be something different.  Beauchamp Social Club and I came about a old tower clock that I and everyone else have driven by 1000 times.  Of course the entrance was pad locked and there is a moat around it like a castle in Camelot.  Well as the title of this post suggests….. it was time to jump fences.  Additional photos coming soon……

My Little Baby Monster!!

This photograph is a little later but better late……

This is Alexandra on Easter Sunday.  This was fun.  We were trying to find ways to shoot her like in a Easter basket or what not.  I might put this on the wall.